The ASQ Cincinnati Section is comprised of a very diverse group of individuals and industries.

These industries include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Device
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy
  • Software
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Health Care
  • Service
  • Finance
  • Data Analysis
  • Web Design & Development

The ASQ Cincinnati section provides  networking and training opportunities for everyone interested in Quality.



  • In the Beginning
  • Interviews
  • Why Did You Join?
  • Why Have You Remained A Member?
  • How Have You Seen ASQ Change?
  • How Has the Profession Changed?
  • What Was Your Highlight?
  • Results Then and Now

ASQ Cincinnati, 60 Years of Progress

During late 50’s and early 60’s the section met in Walnut Hills. During the mid to late sixties and into the seventies, most of our section members came from manufacturing companies. There were occasional discussions amongst the membership on how the technology might be applied to the service industry. The Ohio College of Applied Science, now part of the University of Cincinnati, offered the first degreed quality assurance program in the Cincinnati area. Bill Barker, ASQ Fellow, developed the curriculum. Cincinnati, Section 900, ASQ hosted the national conference in 1995. (Read More)


60 Years and Still Going Strong by James O. Spichiger

ASQ Cincinnati Current & Past Section Chairs

Profile of Past Chairs and Key Contributors

  • Two past National ASQ (Then ASQC) Chair persons from section 900
  • Local movers and shakers in the mid to late sixties and early seventies

Current Fellow Members

Years of Membership with ASQ (25 years or greater)

ASQ Section Numbers/Statistics

ASQ Cincinnati Chairs Plus Ron Atkinson (Chairman of the Board ASQ National)


Learn more about the Fellow Membership Level and the requirements necessary to achieve Fellow Membership Level.

☞ | ASQ Fellow Membership Information

Fellow Nominations are peer recognition that a member’s commitment to the quality profession has been exhibited beyond that of the average member.

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